• Black Rhino

Working primarily in acrylics, oils and pencil, my paintings and illustrations are characterised by a close attention to detail and realism. I studied wildlife illustration at Dyfed School of Art, West Wales, graduating in the late 1980s and embarking on a freelance career. My training at art school included taxidermy and extensive field work, instilling a fascination with nature and strongly influencing my way of creating.

As an illustrator, I have worked for a variety of publishing companies, producing illustrations of a huge range of creatures from insects to dinosaurs. My own work often evolves from walking in nature, gathering reference with sketchbooks and photographs, written notes and collected items. I am a hoarder of pebbles and feathers and interesting bits of wood! I am so lucky to live on the edge of the New Forest national park, an area which provides endless inspiration and escape. However, the breathtaking wildlife and wilderness on Botswana has left a lasting impression since a safari there in 2004 and I have travelled there regularly ever since. As a result I have become involved with several conservation projects including the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust, Arts for Conservation and Artists for Painted Dogs, raising funds and awareness for their campaigns.

I am represented by the Iona House Gallery in Woodstock and the Palais des Vaches in Lower Exbury, New Forest. I also take part in annual wildlife art events in the UK including the Exhibition of Wildlife Art in the Wirral and Hampshire Open Studios and have exhibited with the Society of Women Artists, Society of Equestrian Artists and Society of Feline Artists. I am also a regular artist in residence at Nature in Art near Gloucester.

Adventures into wilderness areas in the UK and abroad always inspire me as an artist and make me even more conscious of how precious this planet is. I hope that my work can help further the efforts of conservation and make many more people aware of the remarkable world we inhabit and our responsibilities to protect it for all its inhabitants.